He’s grandstanding on election fraud, but Becker voted against stronger laws


MINOT, N.D. — When Rep. Rick Becker was first elected to the North Dakota House he was a thoughtful, principled, serious-minded lawmaker.

He’s since abandoned thoughtfulness and principle and seriousness in an attempt to bolster his nascent career as a political pundit and his campaign for the U.S. Senate. Becker’s strategy now is to pander to the goobers in the Trump movement.

And no pandering effort targeting the Trumpkins is complete without election conspiracy theories.

Becker has been touting election conspiracy nonsense at NDGOP district conventions around the state. Earlier this week , he sent out a fundraising email asking supporters for money so he can go to Washington, D.C., and continue to flog the dead horse that is the 2020 election.

Forget energy policy, or agriculture policy, or any number of other policy areas that are deeply important to the health and prosperity of North Dakotans.

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