More Help Needed: WDAY Supply Drive Results in a Semi Load of Support for Cops Working #NoDAPL Protests


I stand in awe of my friend and colleague Jay Thomas who will be traveling over to the #NoDAPL protests in the coming days to deliver a semi truck load of supplies for the men and women of law enforcement.

Here’s an excerpt from an article about Jay’s efforts:

“I thought, ‘Well, man, maybe I could do something to help these guys out,’” Thomas said inside his studio on Thursday. “I just got on the air and said, ‘Hey, look. We got a lot of law enforcement out there and these guys are away from their families, these guys and gals, and they got a job to do and they could really use some help out there.’”

Throughout the week, “Stuff just started pouring in,” Thomas said.

Topping the list was “thoughts and prayers for officer safety,” followed by materials such as batteries, plastic silverware and paper plates, as well as pop and energy drinks. Hand and foot warmers, and other gear for cold weather were also part of the request.

Boxes inside Thomas’ office were filled with all the requested items and then some; other toiletries and even dog food was donated. Several businesses also joined the cause. GIANTS Snacks Inc. donated 1,000 bags of sunflower seeds, and 50 pounds of beef jerky was donated by Meats by John and Wayne.

Jay told me this evening that he can’t accept any more supplies – the response has truly been overwhelming – but if you want to help you can donate money to the GoFundMe account set up below.

It was set up by concerned citizens in the Bismarck/Mandan area, and the funds are being overseen by the Morton County auditor, so you can rest assured that the money will reach the right place. It has raised over $50,000 – with thousands coming from you SAB readers – to purchase things like hand warmers and jerky for the law enforcement folks.

If you have a couple of bucks, you could do worse than to throw it in this pot: