Heidi Heitkamp Trots Out Noted Political Hack to Serve as “Law Enforcement” Critic for Cramer


Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign has sent out to the press (forwarded to me by a recipient) an invitation to a conference call with someone described as “former North Dakota law enforcement.”

I laughed out loud when the person described this way is none other than Tim Purdon, a partisan Democrat heavily involved in party politics in the state.

You can read the full invite below.

As for Purdon, calling him “law enforcement” is a bit of a stretch. He was appointed U.S. Attorney for North Dakota by former President Barack Obama, which I guess meets the technical definition of “law enforcement,” but his big claim to fame during his short stint there was a politically motivated shake down of the oil industry over some dead ducks.

It was such an embarrassing spectacle that not only was Purdon’s case laughed out of court, but the Wall Street Journal named him “dodo of the year.”

Purdon’s stint as U.S. Attorney was short because his controversial appointment (he was literally a sitting member of the Democratic National Committee at the time) was held up in the Senate, and then he left the gig early for a cushy private sector job.

Purdon cared so much about enforcing federal law in North Dakota he left the U.S. Attorney’s office early for the more lucrative position as a private sector trial lawyer.

Which was probably all the U.S. Attorney appointment was about in the first place. A line item on a resume allowing him to charge his clients more per hour.

But this election cycle, Purdon will play at being a law enforcement official for Heitkamp’s campaign so that campaign’s flaks can crow about how a “law enforcement official” ripped Cramer over his comments on the Kavanaugh matter.

Expect him to be in an ad coming to your television screens soon.

Think what you will of what Cramer had to say, but if someone like Purdon is the best Heitkamp can do for a rebuttal she’s reaching.

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