Friday Mailbag: Some concern for my safety, accountability for politicians, the legacy of Teddy Roosevelt, and the four-day work week


MINOT, N.D. — The great thing about my job is you never know where a work week will take you.

This week was an interesting one, as we’ll get into with the feedback below. As usual, I had far more emails than I could shoehorn into this column. I’m thankful to everybody who takes the time to read my work and respond. I do my level best to respond to everyone, even if it’s not here in the column.

If you’d like to send me feedback, email it to If it’s used in this column, it may be edited for brevity and clarity.

Collin writes, in response to my column about a right-wing activist shouting in the face of a legislative leader: “I have been following the retirement of ND State Senators Oban and Poolman, as well as the confrontations of Senator Wardner and rants against yourself. I have to say that my initial reaction is to consider these events as unfortunate and perhaps mostly just noise. On further reflection, I think this is the precursor to violence. I certainly hope that these people, yourself included, are being appropriately careful and cautious in protecting your personal safety. January 6th, if nothing else should show us that rhetoric can turn into violent actions. Be safe – you speak for a majority (I hope) of us and that is important.”

It’s always interesting to me how people imagine my workdays must be like.

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