Friday Mailbag: Rush Limbaugh, Power Outages, Gerrymandering, and Donald Trump

In North Dakota, almost 20 percent of electricity generation comes from wind power. These turbines, near Edgeley, are among the state's 2,140-megawatt wind power capacity. New wind farms are in development to take advantage of tax credits that are being phased out. File photo.

MINOT, N.D. — It’s Friday, my friends, and life is good here in the Port household.

Nobody has COVID-19, and the lights are on. What more can you ask for these days?

I have some good feedback and questions to get to in today’s mailbag about things like Rush Limbaugh, the power outages, and gerrymandering, but before we do that, remember you can always drop me a line with a question or feedback at Your submissions may be edited for brevity and clarity.

Now, to the feedback!

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