Friday Mailbag: Hot sauce, Rick Becker obsession, the stolen election lie, and mugshots


MINOT, N.D. — In most of the United States, according to a survey by Instacart, the most popular hot sauce is Huy Fong Sriacha.

But not in North Dakota.

We like to go our own way. Here, it’s Village Hot Sauce, though as the intrepid journalists at KVRR note , it’s not really hot sauce. It comes in a tub. It’s salsa, which is how we consume it in our household. Prairie Public reporter Danielle Webster argues that it’s not even all that hot . And, no, it’s really not, but as columnist Tammy Swift recently noted , we North Dakotans don’t like spicy that much anyway.

Still, for a not-hot not-sauce, this Village stuff is pretty tasty. “I will absolutely eat this stuff until I hate myself,” Webster says .

Village ought to use that for marketing.

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