Fractures in the North Dakota Republican Party loom over proposed carbon pipeline


MINOT, N.D. — According to Daryl Lies, president of the North Dakota Farm Bureau, the CO2 pipeline proposed by Summit Carbon Solutions is the most pressing issue facing our state right now.

I know because a visibly angry Lies shouted this at me during an angry rant at the North Dakota Republican Party’s state convention earlier this month.

An irate Lies told me, in an uncomfortable tirade, that I shouldn’t be writing so many negative things about erstwhile Senate candidate Rick Becker and his Bastiat Caucus movement of fringe Republicans.

He said that I should instead be writing about the Midwest Carbon Express pipeline and the threat it poses to landowners.

Lies said much the same — I’m assuming in a tone of voice that was a bit less shouty — at a recent event hosted in Bismarck by his group.

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