Forcing a Woman to Wax Testicles Is What Happens When We Lose the Right to Say No


For years now we here in America have had a debate over where an individual’s right to say “no” stops, and where another individuals right to demand services from that person begins.

Mostly this debate has circles around small-business entrepreneurs like bakers or photographers who, because of their religious beliefs, have objected to doing work for same-sex marriages. Many, including this observer, think these people have a right to say no. We might not all agree with their reasoning for the decision – I support same sex marriage and have a hard time understanding those refusing to work for homosexual couples – but we support their right to make it.

Others invoke the civil rights movement, with its activists fighting to be served at lunch counters, and say that these business people shouldn’t get to pick who their clients are. At least not based on something like sexual orientation.

But what happens if, instead of a cake for a same sex wedding, we were talking about waxing a hairy scrotum?

Laugh if you want, but that’s a topic of debate in Canada where a human rights tribunal is responding to a complaint from a transgender individual (one of many filed by this person) accusing the proprietor of an at-home salon of refusing to provide a bikini wax.

The woman who operates the salon says she’s not comfortable providing that service to someone with male genitalia, and furthermore doesn’t have the training to do it right.

I believe this woman has every right to decline to provide this service.

But then, I also believe that a baker should be able to say no to making a cake for a same-sex wedding, etc., etc.

Do we really want to live in a world so “woke” that a woman can’t say no to waxing some hairy testicles?

There might be some who argue that cakes aren’t testicles, but it’s not really about the activity to be performed. It’s about whether or not a private individual should be compelled to perform it. If the government can force you to bake a cake, or remove hair from a scrotum, what can’t they make you do?