Flood of anti-vaccine and other culture war bills proposed for special session


MINOT, N.D. — A special session of the Legislature is looming.

It’s convened because lawmakers have some constitutional duties to attend to, namely the approval of a new legislative district map and the appropriation of more than $1 billion in federal dollars related to the COVID-19 pandemic. But, as I noted in a previous column, there is a push to some extracurricular policy areas that could turn the $100,000-per-day special session it a protracted sideshow.

The Delayed Bills Committee, which must hear the merits of these extracurriculars before they can be introduced, just released a list of the bills submitted so far.

They read like a setlist from just about any episode of Tucker Carlson’s nightly rant fest on Fox News.

The list encompasses 21 House bills, and five Senate bills, with nine of the bills dealing with COVID-19 issues like vaccines and five dealing with critical race theory and education.

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