Bismarck Woman Spends Three Days In Jail For Possession Of…Fireworks?


To be fair, it appears as though the woman in question has had prior legal issues that may have justified the incarceration, but still this part of the story jumped out at me.

The woman was charged with a Class B Misdemeanor for the possession of some Black Cats:

Anne Kirkham, 32, pleaded guilty on Tuesday in Municipal Court to Class B misdemeanor possession of fireworks. Municipal Judge Charles Isakson sentenced her to three days in jail, with credit for the three days she served since her arrest early Saturday morning.

The man who was driving the car was also arrested for DUI which is…also a Class B Misdemeanor:

The driver of the vehicle, Jimmy Jawayne Hatcher Jr., 30, was arrested for driving under the influence. He pleaded guilty to the Class B misdemeanor on Tuesday and Isakson sentenced him to 10 days in jail with 10 days suspended and $500 in fines. Hatcher, who was listed in the police report as homeless, also had been in jail since early Saturday morning.

There’s something wrong, I think, when possessing prohibited fireworks is a crime on par with DUI.