Fired NDSU president enjoying a lavishly compensated sabbatical before beginning professorship


MINOT, N.D. — Can you imagine your employers paying you to sit around for 15 months and think about the job you’re going to do? All while collecting a full paycheck?

That’s the gig former North Dakota State University president Dean Bresciani finds himself in after getting fired by the state Board of Higher Education.

The board, which has a track record of doling out sumptuous golden parachutes to departing leaders in the system , has agreed to allow Bresciani to transition to a “distinguished full professorship” with tenure. The terms of that transition are so generous they’ll make your eyes water, not least because it begins with a lengthy sabbatical.

Or “vacation,” as we peasants who work in the private sector call it. At least, that’s what it is in this context. Sabbaticals are important for actual academics doing real research.

In this context, it’s a payoff for a high-level bureaucrat who got canned.

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