Fargo Deputy Chief Sends Apology Email After He Was Seen at George Floyd Protest With a Beer Can Cursing at Law Enforcement

MINOT, N.D. — In a June 1 email sent to all of the police department, Fargo Deputy Chief of Police Todd Osmundson apologized for activities at the George Floyd protest in downtown Fargo that other officers have called into question.

Osmundson admitted, among other things, to carrying a beer can and shouting “f**k the cops” with protesters.

According to Osmundson’s lengthy, five-page explanation email, after participating in uniform at a peaceful protest earlier in the day, he decided to change into civilian clothes, complete with a COVID-19 protective mask and sunglasses, and infiltrate the protesters in downtown Fargo.

I obtained the email by way of an open records request after being tipped off to its existence by a source.

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