Fake Cowboy Bruce Springsteen’s Phony-Baloney Call for Unity


MINOT, N.D. — The most jarring thing about Bruce Springsteen’s cloyingly earnest call for national unity (brought to you by Jeep!) was the images of him driving around a frozen midwestern landscape in a wide-open jeep.

No self-respecting midwesterner exposes themselves to winter elements like that.

It was a stark reminder, along with a Jersey boy like Springsteen playing the part of a plains cowboy, that tone-deaf liberals still don’t get it.

Our liberal friends only seem to want unity after their side wins. The Democrats, thanks to the Republican Party’s very stupid decision to make an embarrassing, self-dealing huckster like Donald Trump the face of their party, now control Congress and the White House.

They’re in the mood to make nice, or at least paying the notion lip service, but can you imagine Jeep and Springsteen making this sort of ad had Trump somehow managed to win a second term in office?

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