Expect a Quiet Blog for the Next Few Days


I wanted to warn you readers that I’ll be taking some vacation time this week.

Not really doing any travelling. Not outside of the state anyway. We have some family stuff planned, including my daughter cheering the Minot High basketball team at the state tournament in Bismarck.

I wouldn’t normally make an announcement, but I keep up a pretty consistent stream of content here on the blog (and in other mediums these days) and I didn’t want anyone to wonder why things went quiet.

I’m just taking some time off.

My Sunday column will publish as normal. My radio show won’t air today as WDAY will be providing coverage of the Moorhead Spuds┬áparticipating in the Minnesota State Hockey Tournament.

On Friday former Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley will be guest hosting the show for me.

Monday things will be back to normal. Or maybe I’ll put up some posts anyway, though my wife tells me that when I’m on vacation I’m not actually supposed to work.

Anyway, until next week, feel free to talk among yourselves.