Expect a Ballot Measure to Implement Term Limits in North Dakota This Election Cycle


MINOT, N.D. — North Dakota doesn’t have term limits.

From the governor to state lawmakers, voters are free to keep choosing the same candidates over and over again if they want, and they often do, but it seems a national group may be angling to change that.

I’ve heard from multiple sources that U.S. Term Limits, a conservative nonprofit group based in Washington D.C., has been reaching out to marketing firms in North Dakota looking for bids on a ballot measure campaign. I’m told that the campaign would be for this election cycle, with the issue to be placed on a statewide ballot next year. More likely the November general election ballot than the June primary ballot.

What I’m told by someone who has seen a draft of the proposal is that the measure would only apply to the governor and the legislature. Other statewide offices, like Secretary of State or Attorney General, would be left out.

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