Emineth Says Cramer Is in Senate Race as He Withdraws His Candidacy


I haven’t heard any sort of an announcement that Congressman Kevin Cramer is, for certain, running for the U.S. Senate but fellow Republican candidate Gary Emineth just sent out an email saying he’s withdrawing his candidacy.

In it he explicitly states that Cramer is in.

The full email is below.

I reached out to Emineth via text message for an interview. “My letter says it all – no thanks,” is all he said. On Twitter, Emineth says the controversy last week over his social media posts did not impact his decision:

Also I’m not sure what to make of this:

I’ve reached out to Cramer and his campaign people for comment but so far haven’t been able to reach anybody.

UPDATE: This from the Associated Press:

Gary Emineth said Tuesday he’s talked with Cramer several times in the past week and expects him to enter the race.

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