Ed Schafer Says No to Another Stint as President of the University of North Dakota


This week current UND President Mark Kennedy sent an official resignation out to campus, occasioned by his acceptance of a new job as president of the University of Colorado.

Here’s what he sent:

Kennedy isn’t North Dakota’s problem any more. Things had gotten so bad that Colorado hiring him saved North Dakota the trouble of firing him.

Good riddance has been the general reaction.

Now the question is, who leads the university next?

It won’t be former Governor Ed Schafer. He served as the interim president at UND prior to Kennedy’s hire, but he told me today he’s not interested in doing that again.

“I’m flattered,” Schafer said of the “unofficial” overtures to bring him back for another interim stint. “Nancy and I loved it up there,” he said, referring to his wife.

Schafer said there has been  “lots of contact” from UND, but that he and his wife are in a “different place in our lives.”