Economic illiteracy is what may cost Democrats the midterms


MINOT, N.D. — I don’t think all Democrats are economically illiterate. I believe many of our left-of-center friends understand the immutable realities of supply and demand.

Their problem is that, at a time when inflation is, without question, the number problem on the minds of Americans , people Sen. Elizabeth Warren and whoever is running President Joe Biden’s teleprompter, are doing the talking for them.

According to them, the way to fight inflation is to “ make sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share ,” which is the sort of thing you say if you want applause from the progressive activist class or get laughed out of an economics classroom.

Let’s look at baby formula crisis, as a for-instance. Biden defended his administration by arguing they would have to be “mind readers” to see that problem looming, but is that true?

We live in a country where most of the things we buy arrive at the stores in a truck powered by diesel fuel that is more expensive right now than at any other time in American history according to AAA .

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