Don’t blame anyone but the Fargo School Board for this Pledge of Allegiance mess


MINOT, N.D. — Members of the Fargo School Board decided to pick a culture war fight. They axed the Pledge of Allegiance from their meetings, and then they reaped the whirlwind.

Some of the criticism they’ve received has been measured and reasonable. Much of it — that which came from people ranting about “communists” and “libtards” — was not. But that’s not news. We live in a digital age where everyone is more empowered than ever before in history to broadcast their views to large audiences, and what we’ve learned is that many of these people don’t have anything to say that’s worth listening to.

So it goes.

But let’s not pretend like any side of this sorry spectacle has a monopoly on stupidity.

We have to ask why the school district chose to pick this fight in the first place.

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