Documents give more context for Fargo Mayor Mahoney’s involvement in police investigation

tim mahoney

MINOT, N.D. — Last month Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney said he wasn’t trying to meddle in the Fargo Police Department’s investigation into an October 2021 assault and robbery incident involving his son, Dylan Mahoney.

New documents I’ve obtained give fresh context to that claim.

Mahoney not only is the mayor but also manages the police department’s portfolio for the city commission. In emails I obtained in April through an open records request, Mahoney instructed police detectives not to pursue a theory that the incident was related to a drug buy.

“Dylan did not have any cash on him for a buy of drugs and no intent so I would not pursue that angle,” Mahoney wrote to Detective Troy Hanson.

In subsequent emails, Mahoney told investigators he had obtained the assistance of the Moorhead chief of police, and asked them if they’d interviewed the mother of one of the people involved.

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