Do We Really Want Coca-Cola in Charge of Moderating Speech in America?


MINOT, N.D. — While conservatives are traditionally seen as friends of big business, in recent years, it sure seems like it’s our liberal friends who enjoy that alliance.

When North Carolina passed a state law concerning transgender bathrooms, the woke left successfully pressured the NBA into announcing they were pulling their All-Star game from Charlotte.

When Georgia passed pro-life legislation, the corporate barons in Hollywood launched a boycott.

In the finance industry, banks and investment firms have come under a tremendous amount of pressure to withhold capital and services from companies that deal with oil pipelines or firearms. It’s been successful. Some credit card companies are refusing to process transactions involving guns, while some financial institutions are refusing to finance pipelines.

Most recently, it’s been the social media industry in the crosshairs of this tactic. Corporate giants such as Coca-Cola, Pfizer, Volkswagen, Molson Coors and others have put a pause on social media advertising after being pressured to do so by a left-wing coalition who say there’s too much hate speech on platforms like Facebook.

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