MINOT, N.D. — Veganism is kind of stupid, but at least its practitioners have the intellectual integrity and moral consistency to refrain from eating cheeseburgers after they tell us “meat is murder.”

Monday, March 15, actress and activist Jane Fonda paid a visit to the Minnesota protests against the Line 3 pipeline replacement project where she ranted about the evils of oil and foreigners and foreign oil.

“We’re allowing a foreign oil company to bring the most poisonous oil across this sacred land and across our country to be exported at a time when science says we are confronting an existential climate crisis,” Fonda said during her visit. “We have very little time. We have 10 years, science says, to cut our fossil fuel emissions in half.”

Let us dwell, for a moment, on the hyperbolic prognostications of political activists citing “science.”

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