Democrats push a methane emissions regulation that isn’t actually tied to methane emissions


MINOT, N.D. — Ostensibly, environmentalists don’t like fossil fuels because they’re bad for the environment. From extraction to emissions, they say they want cleaner energy.

So it’s ironic, then, how often environmentalists invest themselves in opposing efforts to make fossil fuels cleaner.

For instance, North Dakota is putting a lot of support behind carbon capture technology even amid much sneering from activists and left-wing pundits. The technology, if it proves out, could make North Dakota’s energy industries cleaner viable for much longer, preserving not just energy security for our nation and region but a lot of economic security for North Dakotans as well.

But many supposed environmentalists, alarmed that it might just work, are spending their time undermining those efforts toward technological breakthroughs.

Another example is the Methane Reduction Act of 2021.

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