Democrats Hoping Gov. Burgum Doesn’t, Like, Kill Anyone


MINOT, N.D. — Yesterday, Gov. Doug Burgum announced that our state would begin the careful process of moving back from the coronavirus-inspired restrictions put on our society and economy.

For normal people, this news came as a relief. North Dakota has weathered the COVID-19 crisis better than most places, and it’s time to plot a path toward getting back to work.

For the craven hacks in charge of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL, Burgum’s announcement was an opportunity to position themselves for maximum political advantage.

“Gov. Burgum Ready to ‘Dial Up a Little Risk’ With North Dakotans’ Health,” read the headline of the press release the North Dakota Democratic-NPL sent out in response to Burgum’s announcement.

Got that?

Burgum’s putting people at risk, you guys!

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