Democrats Adding Legislative Candidates, But Republicans Still Have A Big Lead


North Dakota Democrats have said that they aren’t focused on statewide races this cycle – as evidenced by the fact that they have just one statewide candidate just two weeks before their endorsing convention – but are instead focused on picking up seats in the Legislature.

Yet in recruiting legislative candidates, they’re still far behind Republicans. Since my first post tracking legislative candidates earlier this week both parties have added to their rosters of candidates for the state House and Senate.

In the 2016 election cycle North Dakota’s even-numbered legislative districts are on the ballot. There are 23 districts in play, with one Senator and two Representatives to be elected from each one.

In the House:

  • Republicans have 24 candidates for 46 races, up two from earlier this week
  • Democrats have 16 candidates, which is an increase of eight
  • Libertarians still have just one candidate

The Libertarians have said they’ll have a “half dozen” or so candidates for the Legislature this cycle, which is unusual for them as they typically stick to the statewide races.

In the Senate:

  • Republicans have 12 candidates for 23 races, up two
  • Democrats have 6 candidates, also up two

In summary, out of a total of 69 House and Senate candidate slots, Republicans have filled 52 percent of them and Democrats have filled 31 percent.

Below is the full list of candidates who have filed with the Secretary of State’s office so far. There are other candidates who have announced their intention to run, but they’ll be counted once they’re listed as actual candidates by election officials.

The last day for candidates to file is April 11. You can find maps of North Dakota’s legislative districts right here.

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