Democratic-NPL Somehow Finds a Way to Shrink Their Already Tiny Legislative Minority

MINOT, N.D. — Election nights typically aren’t fun nights for the North Dakota Democratic-NPL.

If we look at the statewide results (I’m writing this well past midnight, with about 60% of the vote counted) it was a bloodbath. Every single Republican won in a landslide. The top vote-getter for the Democrats among the executive branch candidates was Mark Haugen, who ran for treasurer and is so socially conservative he’d likely be a Republican in any other state.

He currently has just over 34% of the vote.

The two top-of-the-ticket candidates for the Democratic-NPL — gubernatorial candidate Shelley Lenz and U.S. House candidate Zach Raknerud — both failed to get even 30% of the vote.

But as ugly as the statewide numbers are for the Democrats, how their candidates performed in the Legislature is downright hideous.

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