Democratic-NPL nominee for attorney general failed the bar exam at least four times


MINOT, N.D. — In North Dakota, the attorney general must be a lawyer.

That’s not merely a matter of custom.

It’s what the law requires.

Article V, section 4 of the North Dakota constitution states : “The attorney general must be licensed to practice law in this state.”

Drew Wrigley, who already holds the job after being appointed by Gov. Doug Burgum earlier this year and is running to be elected to a full term in the position, graduated from American University and, per the state Supreme Court , was admitted to the North Dakota bar in 1995.

Tim Lamb, who was endorsed by the North Dakota Democratic-NPL to take on Wrigley in the general election, was admitted to the bar in our state in 2010. Per his Facebook profile , he graduated from the University of North Dakota’s law school in 1993.

So far, so good, but Lamb’s journey to admission to the bar had some twists and turns that voters may want to take note of.

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