Democratic-NPL denied me credentials to cover their state convention


MINOT, N.D. — Usually the columns I write for you, dear readers, represent things I want to write about.

In a couple of weeks, from March 24 to March 27, the North Dakota Democratic-NPL will be holding their statewide endorsing convention.

It’s in Minot this year, and I thought I’d attend. I haven’t actually made it to a Democratic-NPL convention before. They’re usually scheduled contemporaneous to the NDGOP convention, and once in recent memory they even happened on overlapping dates, and since it was usually difficult for me to hit both, I went to the Republican conventions.

The Republicans, after all, typically have competitive races at their conventions while the Democrats don’t. As such, one is usually far newsier than the other.

But this year, with the convention in my backyard, I thought I’d go, and I didn’t think getting media credentials would be a big deal.

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