Dean Bresciani Brings Bodyguard/Chauffeur To The Legislature


Earlier this week the Fargo Forum reported that NDSU President Dean Bresciani has an $80,000 per year employee acting has his personal bodyguard and chauffeur.

Bresciani and NDSU officials euphemistically describe the guy as a “security liaison,” apparently expecting us to believe that Bresciani is something akin to the actual President and so must have a body man near him at all times to handle any potential security situations at NDSU. Which is ridiculous, and not something other regional university presidents do.

Today lawmakers were buzzing because as Governor Jack Dalrymple delivered his executive budget to a joint session of the Legislature sitting in the back of the chamber was Bresciani. Sitting next to him was his bodyguard/driver.

This has been confirmed to me by multiple lawmakers, lobbyists, and others in attendance.

If only someone had snapped a picture. You hear that, SAB tipsters? If you see something like this, you take a picture.

I’m also told that Bresciani apparently flew to Bismarck on a private airplane, though I can’t confirm this and NDSU’s people at this point only respond to my inquiries when they’re legally required to. I have requested the information, however.

I did check the flight records of the plane which was sold by NDSU to Scheels Sports last year (in a pretty cozy transaction), but there were no flight plans filed for Bismarck today.

Which doesn’t mean that Bresciani didn’t charter a different plane. I mean, you don’t expect him to just drive to Bismarck like some sort of peasant do you? I mean, it’s not like he has a chauffeur or…wait a minute.

Anyway, you have to admire the chutzpah. I don’t think Bresciani cares what lawmakers think of him. And why should he? It’s not like he’s really accountable to any of our elected leader.