Cramer on Trump’s Tax Proposal: “More of a Pro-Growth Strategy With Less Concern With the Deficit”


Congressman Kevin Cramer joined me for our weekly open phones segment.

First questioned I asked Cramer was about the resurrection of the health care issue in Washington D.C. Reports say that there could be another vote on a new iteration of the American Health Care Act as early as Friday, but Cramer told me it would more than likely be next week.

“Throughout the break there’s been some negotiating going on,” he said adding that the new plan “provides a state-by-state waiver for essential health benefits.”

Cramer says the proposed compromise “provides some wiggle room on all sides.”

A caller asked Cramer about Trump’s tax returns. “I wish he would release them,” Cramer said. “I’ve never found presidents’ tax returns all that interesting,” he added, but said it’s become a “distraction” for Trump.

I also asked Cramer about Trump’s proposed tax reforms. He said they’re “more of a pro-growth strategy with less concern with the deficit.”

That last part alarmed me – we’ve got $20 trillion in national debt, after all – but Cramer said he’s talking about static forecasts which don’t take into account increased tax revenues from economic growth.

“I think you should be concerned about the deficit for sure,” he said, “but the question for me is…how do you account for [economic growth] in a projection?”

Finally I asked Cramer about a recent segment on Tucker Carlson’s show where Mike Rowe said he’s “nervous” about Trump’s buy American/hire American stuff. Rowe says it feels like a “shortcut.” That instead of issuing an executive order trying to force people to buy/hire American we ought to be focused on implementing the sort of policies which inspire people to do those things.

Cramer said he liked Rowe’s comments, but added that he believes Trump is doing both, focusing on lowering regulatory and tax burdens while simultaneously protecting American trade interests.

“You need to have policies that don’t punish American made products,” Cramer said.

Here’s the audio:

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