Shortly After Getting Parole White Supremacist Craig Cobb Calls Talk Radio Defending Donald Sterling, Cliven Bundy


Yesterday, shortly after being released from jail to four years of probation for terrorizing in Leith, North Dakota, Craig Cobb called in to¬†Scott Hennen’s statewide talk radio show.

Hilariously, Cobb weighs in on the situation with racist Clippers owner Donald Sterling, suggesting that rapper Jay-Z who is part owner of the Broolyn Nets should be punished for being racist as well. Cobb also referenced Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who got into a standoff with the Bureau of Land Management and who has made some racist comments of his own lately.

Cobb also talked about his case. He said he regrets his action in Leith, but also seemed to blame his arrest and conviction on some sort of political conspiracy against his ideology.

Which is about par for the course with people like Cobb.

Cobb said he’s planning to leave Leith, North Dakota, and hopefully serve out his parole in Missouri if that state approves it.