Court Finds Democratic Candidate Does Not Meet the Requirements to Hold Insurance Commissioner Office


MINOT, N.D. — In an opinion written by District Court Judge Thomas Schneider, North Dakota’s courts have held that Travisia Martin, the candidate for Insurance Commissioner endorsed by the Democratic-NPL, has not been a resident of the state for the previous five years.

Back in May, I reported that Martin had voted in Nevada in November of 2016. Casting that ballot requires one to be a resident of Nevada, but North Dakota’s constitution also requires five years of residency in this state to be eligible to hold statewide office.

What the courts found — based on evidence including Martin’s vote in Nevada, the fact that she did not get a North Dakota driver’s license until sometime in 2018, and that her vehicle remained in Nevada and registered there — is that she has not been a resident of North Dakota for five years before Election Day.

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