Could overturning Roe v Wade make North Dakota a blue state?

MINOT, N.D. — The answer to the question in the headline is “probably not,” but the political implications of the case currently before the U.S. Supreme Court are enormous and could result in a political groundswell that will drive some unexpected outcomes.

Allow me to explain why.

Yesterday SCOTUS heard oral arguments in a case that involves a 15-week abortion ban passed by the State of Mississippi.

Many feel this case could be the impetus for the nine justices to overturn the long-standing Roe v Wade precedent which made most restrictions on abortions unconstitutional. Certainly, the questioning from the justices during this week’s oral arguments made it seem like a majority of the justices were leaning toward at least weakening Roe if not striking it down entirely.

Trying to guess at what the courts are going to do on a particular case is a good way to end up looking foolish, so instead of prognosticating, let’s talk about what the ramifications could be when the court acts.

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