Democrat Legislative Leader Corey Mock's Wife Runs For Office Outside Of District


Rep. Cory Mock is the Assistant Minority Leader in the North Dakota Legislature. He represents District 42 in the Grand Forks area.

Rep. Mock’s wife, Jeannie Schultz-Mock, is seeking a seat on the Grand Forks City Council representing Ward 4. But Ward 4 (map here) isn’t in District 42 (map here).

In September of last year Mock was one of multiple legislators I found to be living outside of their districts. Which isn’t illegal. The North Dakota Constitution only requires that a legislator be a resident of their district on election day. Residency requires living in a district for 30 days to get residency.

Mock was asked by the Grand Forks Herald if he plans on moving back into his district in time for run election in 2016 (when even number districts are up again) and he said, “I have to obviously look at that, what our family plans are and whether I can run for a third term in 2016, and evaluate then from where we are living.”

If his wife wins election in Ward 4, the family plans are definitely going to have to change.

He could potentially run for a seat in District 17, where he’s currently living, as no Democrats are standing in his way.

Republican Senator Ray Holmberg, along with Republican Representatives Mark Owens and Mark Sanford, hold that district, which is on the ballot this year.

I wonder if Mock will consider resigning his seat in District 42 to run in District 17 this year?