Controversy Over Lawmaker Expelled for Harassment May Reignite as the End of the Legislative Session Nears


MINOT, N.D. — The debate over expelled former Bastiat Caucus lawmaker Luke Simons has loomed over the 2021 legislative session in Bismarck.

Now, with just days left in the session, that debate may be reignited by a Simons ally and fellow member of the Bastiat Caucus.

Rep. Jeff Hoverson of Minot — who is officially designated as a Republican though he confirmed to me that he does not attend Republican caucus meetings or pay dues, “the Bastiats are my caucus,” he said — will likely attempt to introduce a delayed bill by way of a floor vote.

Typically those bills go through the Delayed Bills Committee, which is chaired by House Majority Leader Chet Pollert, but Hoverson told me Pollert “forgot” about his bill and isn’t willing to have the committee take it up at this late date.

So Hoverson will bring the bill directly to the floor.

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