Continued support for Donald Trump is un-American


President Donald Trump enters Scheels Arena in Fargo on Wednesday, June 27, 2018. David Samson / The Forum

MINOT, N.D. — “It’s no longer possible to be a Trump supporter and a patriot,” I wrote on Jan. 7, the day after supporters of the disgraced former president stormed the capitol building in Washington, D.C., in a violent effort to overturn the 2020 election results.

In June, I reiterated.

It’s worth saying again, now, as the congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection continues to reveal the ugly truth about Donald Trump’s involvement in the riot.

The latest revelation comes in the form of a trove of messages sent to and from Mark Meadows, who at the time of the attack on the capitol was Trump’s chief of staff.

“Mr. Meadows received numerous text messages … these text messages leave no doubt the White House knew exactly what was happening here at the Capitol,” Rep. Liz Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming who has been ostracized by her own party for pursuing accountability for the Trump administration.

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