Coal country may become ground zero for the NDGOP’s civil war


MINOT, N.D. — It’s been a bitter campaign season so far for the NDGOP.

The party’s majority of competent, experienced incumbents has been under assault from an insurgency of Trump-aligned populists more concerned with the culture war than sound governance.

Perhaps nowhere in the state’s legislative races was this more visible than in District 33, where Sen. Jessica Bell, who was a key part of keeping Coal Creek Station open, saving entire communities in her district, was defeated at her party’s district endorsing convention by an influx of culture warrior delegates .

But that was never going to be the last word in the race. Under state law, party nominations happen on the June ballot. Party conventions only endorse.

Today, Sen. Bell has announced her intent to campaign in the June primary, taking on convention-endorsed candidate Keith Boehm.

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