Chris Rock: 'The President is Our Boss…Our Dad'


Comedian Chris Rock, most known for his extensive and eloquent vocabulary most often centered around unique applications of four letter words, decided we needed a civics lesson from his own personal perspective after meeting with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-Constitution group.

According to Rock, the President is now the daddy to the nation, and we best do what dad says regarding gun control or there will be trouble:

My initial thoughts after viewing this was thank goodness for him there is a market for his filthy mouth because clearly he isn’t smart enough to otherwise survive on his own. And while he did to his credit manage to get a GED after what unarguably was a tough upbringing, he must have missed some of the very basics of civics which has served as the foundation of our Republic, and allowed it to survive in good times and bad.

Simple, basic concepts like how healthy discourse is essential in the democratic process, even if that discourse involves disagreement with our elected leaders up to and including the President. Or how our Constitution provides for all Americans certain inalienable rights, and while he and the President and Mayor Bloomberg may not like all the rights outlined in that Constitution (obviously the 2nd Amendment in the macro view, but apparently the 1st Amendment as well if we are to just be quiet and do what The Man says), but they are rights that shall not be infringed on whether they like it or not.

Last, and most poignant to Rock’s comments, the President is not the King or our daddy. Too many in our society may see the government as their parent to provide for their every need, but President is not that parent. We fought a War of Independence in order to break free of a Monarchy to form a government of, by and, for the People. People today who live in some of the worlds most oppressive societies, such as North Korea, regard their country’s leader as a parent and are forced to pay homage to them as such. If regarding the President as father is the way we are going, we have truly big problems ahead.

Oh, and Mr. Rock, did you regard George Bush as your father when he was in office, and give him the respect due the same? I suppose we could find the answer to that in some of your past comedy routines.