CBS Journalist Has A Good Idea About Who Hacked Her Computer


CBS has confirmed what reporter Sharyl Attkisson has been hinting at in the media for weeks now: Somebody hacked her computers.

Who did it? Attkisson isn’t saying, though she’s making sure to stress that the hacking occurred while she was working on stories that embarrassed the Obama administration and the Department of Justice. And the fact that she’s even hinting at it in the media, on a network other than her employer’s no less, seems to suggest that she’s got a lot of confidence:

Allah isn’t sure it could be the feds because of how ham-handed the hacking was. “I still don’t understand, though, if it’s the DOJ that did this why they’d do it in a manner as clumsy as remotely turning on her computers,” he writes. “Surely the feds are better at covering their tracks than that.”

Maybe, but then maybe we’re also projecting far too much competence onto the federal government (if they are, indeed, the ones responsible). Or maybe someone in the Obama administration/DoJ who isn’t a tech expert was doing the hacking.

Discussion question: If it comes out that Obama, or the Department of Justice under Obama, went after the computers of a journalist who was giving them headaches how does he avoid a Nixonian resignation? How is it not an updated version of Watergate all over again?