Can We Stop Hating One Another Long Enough to Get Through This?


MINOT, N.D. — To hear my friend Tony Bender put it, those questioning the timeline of government-ordered pandemic restrictions are “troglodytes” who think the lives of others are “expendable.”

Left-wing columnist Jim Shaw thinks those critical of pandemic orders ought to be censored. If not by the government, then at least by news editors.

Sports commentator Mike McFeely chimed in to call those “screeching” about freedom “selfish.”

Meanwhile, on the right, many of the protesters demanding a reopen of the state and national economy are far too dismissive of the cruel realities of the virus. Worse, some of them are throwing around words like “hoax” and “conspiracy,” suggesting that our efforts to at least slow the spread of COVID-19 are motivated less by a desire to save lives than some other nefarious political ends.

Let’s remember that the COVID-19 virus has swiftly become the second leading cause of death among Americans, and it’s closing in on heart disease for the top position.

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