Burgum-Funded Political Committee Refuses to Answer Questions About Measure 1 Opposition

This flyer, mailed to North Dakotans by the Dakota Leadership PAC, asks voters to oppose a constitutional amendment that would expand the size of the State Board of Higher Education and increase the length of its terms. The DLP is mostly funded by personal donations from Governor Doug Burgum (Photo by Rob Port)

MINOT, N.D. — There has been much whinging from the Bastiat wing of the North Dakota Republican Party about the political spending of Gov. Doug Burgum this election cycle.

He used a political committee, funded mostly with his own money and staffed with his people, to back a slate of candidates in the primaries, many of them opponents of Bastiat Caucus candidates.

Burgum was mostly successful; the Bastiats are feeling chapped and promising revenge.

We’ll find out how much political juice they really have come Election Day.

As we’ve entered the general election voting period, Burgum’s committee, called the Dakota Leadership PAC, has seemingly been most focused on promoting the re-election of incumbent Superintendent Kirsten Baesler and opposing Measure 1.

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