Blame skyrocketing energy prices on the environmental activists


MINOT, N.D. — Even before Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine, we had a problem.

The political campaign to eliminate fossil fuels (as opposed to funding research and development, like carbon capture technology, to make them better) has narrowed the foundation of our energy grid.

Both here in America, and in Europe, we’ve manipulated the energy markets toward supposedly “green” outcomes (more on that in a moment), and the result has hurt us.

That constriction of our energy supply lines was already driving prices higher, contributing to inflation and making our energy grids less reliable.

Now war, a tragic inevitability of the human experience, has disrupted supply lines further. We are, rightly, acting against Russia’s oil and gas interests as a way to bolster Ukraine’s resistance to Putin’s aggression, but Russia is a major supplier of oil and gas, and the economic pain stemming from our actions is very real.

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