Bastiats Pushing Censure Resolutions for ND Republicans Who Voted to Expel Simons


MINOT, N.D. — Around the country, MAGA-aligned Republicans have been pushing censure motions in their local party committees for elected Republicans who had the integrity to vote to impeach and convict disgraced former President Donald Trump. Or, in other instances, to vote against the push to overturn the national election results.

Here in North Dakota, the Trumpy Bastiat Caucus is doing something similar.

In District 40, where the Bastiats managed to elect one of their own as district chair (prompting one lawmaker from that district, Rep. Randy Schobinger, to cut off communications with him), they also pushed for a censure resolution for House Minority Leader Chet Pollert.

His sin, in their eyes? The expulsion of former lawmaker Luke Simons over harassing behavior aimed at female members of legislative staff, the news media and even the House Republican caucus.

Similar resolutions have had more success in other legislative districts.

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