Bastiat Caucus launches recall petition for lawmaker who voted to expel sexual harasser from Legislature


MINOT, N.D. — Rep. Dwight Kiefert of Valley City has represented District 24 in the North Dakota House of Representatives since 2013.

Earlier this year he was one of several lawmakers around the state censured over this support for the expulsion of former lawmaker Luke Simons of Dickinson after I revealed a years-long pattern of harassment of women working in and around the Legislature.

The local organizer of Kiefert’s censure was a man named Shane Anderson, the treasurer of the District 24 NDGOP.

“The North Dakota District 24 Republicans respectfully request that Representative Dwight Kiefert resign from his position as representative of District 24 for failing to uphold the adopted legislative rules of procedure, the 2020 North Dakota Republican Platform, the constitution of North Dakota, and the constitution of the United States, for supporting the first ever in the nation expulsion of a fellow legislator without due process, and for failing to exercise the integrity and diligence expected when voting and representing District 24 Republic,” the censure resolution, which passed in a dispute voice vote, states.

Kiefert hasn’t resigned, and now Anderson is the chairman of a recall campaign aimed at removing the incumbent from office.

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