Audio: Kevin Cramer Says Democrats Caught in “Academic Bubble” Where “Socialism Makes Sense”


North Dakota Representative Kevin Cramer speaks Sunday, April 3, 2016, at the ND GOP Convention at Scheels Arena in Fargo of his choice to endorse Donald Trump for president. Rick Abbott / The Forum

Democrats lost their fourth straight special election last night since Donald Trump was elected President. Since 2010 they’ve been losing ground in both state and federal government.

Why can’t they win elections? Congressman Kevin Cramer, speaking to me during our regular weekly segment, has some ideas.

“They have to get better candidates I think,” he told me. He also said Democrats have trouble appealing to voters outside of urban, progressive enclaves.

“They don’t relate to the south. They don’t relate to middle America,” he said.

He also said Democrats are wrong to focus so much on Donald Trump. “As much as they think Republicans being tied to Donald Trump is a liability…they don’t even realize what a liability their establishment is. They don’t even realize what a liability Nancy Pelosi is,” he said.

Democrats are stuck in an “academic bubble,” he added.

“Maybe socialism makes sense in some theoretical world. In the real world it doesn’t.”

Here’s the full audio:

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