Audio: Cramer Says “I Don’t Worry About It” on Trump’s Behavior


“I don’t worry about it.”

That’s what Congressman Kevin Cramer told me during a radio interview yesterday about President Donald Trump’s behavior in office. From his tweeting to the reports of blustery phone calls with international leaders, our new President has certainly brought a new tone to office, but Cramer doesn’t see a problem.

“It used to worry me more,” he said, adding that these days he’s “convinced a lot of it is quite tactical.” He also said “the very cynical national media” often distorts what the President says or does, but the truth is different “when you look into his comments and put them in context.”

I also asked Cramer about his announcement that the Dakota Access Pipeline had been “approved” after a recent announcement from the U.S. Army Corps that they would be reviewing again issuance of an easement to cross under Lake Oahe. The Corps later clarified that the easement hadn’t been issued despite comments from Cramer and Senator John Hoeven’s office.

“I would stand by that,” he said of his initial stance. “The bureaucracy, especially the military bureaucracy, absent civilian leadership has no one to make a decision,” he said.

“They nuance everything,” he added, saying federal agencies are worried about their words later being used against them in lawsuits challenging their decisions. “I’m not constrained by that,” he said.

Here’s the full audio of our interview:

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