Are We Still Allowed to Love America?


MINOT, N.D. — This may be the strangest Fourth of July holiday in my lifetime.

As we celebrate our nation’s founding, the federal government is mobilizing the National Guard to protect monuments in Washington, D.C., many of them dedicated to our founders, from violent protests.

In recent weeks memorials to numerous American luminaries have been defaced and destroyed.

People like George Washington, who fought British tyranny; Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the words “all men are created equal” in our Declaration of Independence even as he failed to live up to them; Ulysses S. Grant, who fought the Confederacy and then the Ku Klux Klan and, as president, signed into law desegregation legislation about a century before the 20th Century civil rights movement.

What started as righteous anger about the death of George Floyd, and law enforcement abuse, and turned into a long-overdue effort to destroy the embarrassing fetishization of the traitorous Confederacy, has become an outpouring of bile for the concept of America itself.

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