And Now for Something a Little Different


MINOT, N.D. — A little more than 16 years ago, I started a blog called Say Anything on a ratty old Gateway desktop computer with a dial-up internet connection.

It was 2003. We were invading Iraq and George W. Bush was the commander-in-chief.

I was an opinionated 23-year-old kid. I started a weblog on a service called Blogspot (it’s now called Blogger) and started writing about current events for nobody in particular.

This was a year before Facebook was founded. Two years before YouTube. Three years before Twitter.

Today, I’m a balding, middle-aged man who spent part of this morning wearing my old glasses in an attempt to find my new glasses (I still haven’t).

I’m proud of what I built.

It’s been my pirate ship.

More than three years ago, Forum Communications Co. hired me, and the blog came along for the ride. It’s been a wonderful experience, with really great people, which has put my work in front of audiences I couldn’t reach on my own.

Now, things are going to change a bit, but not too much.

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