Almost Everybody Is Surviving the Coronavirus

A sign welcomes participants to a coronavirus testing event at UND in August 2020. (Grand Forks Herald photo)

As luck would have it, the most recent testing data from the state Department of Health has us landing on a nice, round number for the number of positive tests our state has seen since the pandemic began: 10,000.

The positive test rate for North Dakota (which is the percentage of individuals with positive tests divided by the total number of individuals tested) is 5.21%. That’s out of 192,018 individuals tested since the pandemic began.

Of the 10,000 who have tested positive, as of today, 8,064 individuals or more than 80% of the total, have made a full recovery.

Another 1,657 positives are still active. If we exclude them from the count, since their run-in with the virus isn’t completed yet, we’re left with a nearly 97% recovery rate.

North Dakota has seen 505 people hospitalized because of the coronavirus so far, meaning nearly 95% of people who have had the virus have been able to recover at home.

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