‘All of the Above Energy’ Is a Great Talking Point for Those Who Get Paid to Say It


MINOT, N.D. — Last week talk show host Scott Hennen organized an “energy town hall” at the Civic Center in Bismarck, pitching it as a bit of a peace summit between coal and wind interests.

Though given Hennen’s pro-wind leanings, we might be forgiven for perceiving it as a propaganda session.

The event was a bit of a belly flop. In a room with a 200-person capacity, just “a couple of dozen” people showed per a report from the Western Dakota Energy Association.

That poor turnout could be the product of a weariness which has set in among the people of central North Dakota when it comes to being lectured about how heavily-subsidized wind power has nothing to do with the demise of coal jobs in the region.

One of the panelists at Hennen’s event was Bob Harms, a lobbyist for the wind industry, who “said competition from wind isn’t really causing the shut down of coal plants,” according to the WDEA report.

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